Part 2 – Where Do New English Words and Expressions Come From?

The Lexical Growth and Development of English as a Global LanguageIn part 1 of this two-part article post, we began looking into the sources of new words and lexis in the English language. Singers, songs and songwriters, popular movies and television programs, literature and books, computers, industry and technology, idioms, expressions and slang from colloquial speech have all contributed in their own ways to the lexical growth and development of English as a global language. But wait, there’s more. Here are three additional fountains from which lexical input flows into the English language.o PoliticsA word like “stumping”, meaning to give numerous speeches to smaller, local crowds of people when campaigning for an election is but one example of a politics-related word which has made it into popular usage. Campaign slogans, speeches and political rallies have been the sources of countless new words and lexis in the English language.o The Media and AdvertisingAnother popular source of a near unending stream of new words and expressions is the media and advertising industry. Admen are always on the prowl for the next catchy slogan or phrase. Using TV and radio commercials, vast fields of fodder for new words are maintained.o Other LanguagesYup, that’s right. English is “notorious” for snapping up words, sounds, phrases and expressions from other languages and “inserting” them into popular colloquial use in the English language. With globalization and immigration growing, and the influence of English and its related cultures expanding, incorporation of new words from other languages is increasing at nearly exponential rates. The English language already owes more than 75% of its lexis and origins to other languages, with no trend for that to end anytime soon.Global Fountains of Linguistic ExpressionThese sources of new words in English are hardly complete. New sources of words, along with new words themselves, crop up from fountains of linguistic expression from around the globe on an almost daily basis. Not only do new words come into vogue, but existing words slip into obsolescence and obscurity. Words can change meanings, be used in new or different ways, have their pronunciation, spelling, register or grammatical aspects altered. Language is a vibrant, growing thing. It’s always changing shifting, growing or sometimes, dying. Our challenge, as English speakers and ELT professionals, is to somehow try to keep up with our ever-changing language.

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Are You Manifesting Your Desires With The Right Success Habits For Your Goals?

Precisely what makes effective individuals reach success?We would all like to be able to stroll down to the area shopping mall and pick up a box or bottle of success.Let’s look past that fantasy and discover one of the most standard reasons why individuals learn how to achieve success.Hear this principle taught in the Course in Miracles which states, “In quietness all things are answered, and is every problem quietly resolved.”This is why I urge you to learn how to do mindfulness meditation, if you haven’t already, for listening for what to do next.Now, consider someone who you know personally who is effective and seems to manifest desires and create the life he or she wants.Can you see their face in your mind?Great!Now ask yourself this question, “Does this individual have an effective regular or set of success habits that makes them successful?”If they didn’t, I would be stunned.In some cases the only distinction between achieving success and being average is having effective practices.Some examples of success habits might be getting on the agenda early and bright, doing things when they need to be done, being prepared, or effective time management.How do you begin to build these success habits in your life? Here are a few suggestions on creating habits of highly effective people.Recognize:Find the areas in your life that require changing. Make a note of these new habits that need to be formed.Do not become overwhelmed at aiming to figure out how you are going to form all of these success habits.As soon as you can, choose 1-3:Previously I discussed free available information online about why and how visualization techniques are very helpful in getting the life you want.Most individuals undermine themselves by attempting to change everything without a time-frame.Instead, select one major and one minor habit, and perhaps another, that you want to form. For the next 21- 60 days these will be the success practices that you will produce.Start small:Now that you have your 1- 3 success habits, a routine, if you will, develop a weekly or day-to-day routine that is simple to follow.This way it would take you 21 days or 14 days respectively to produce your success routine.Keep in mind, the very best possible approach to eating a huge T-Bone steak, and enjoying it, is one bite at a time.When you have created your new success habits, daily routines, move on to the next few success routines that you desire to develop, and repeat.Guess what?Before you are totally aware, it you will have developed an entire new life filled with success filled routines just like the habits of highly effective people.Visualize itSimply picture where you will be in one year if you follow these secrets to creating the life you want, to reach success, to manifest desires, and anything else you set out to do.Remember, begin little and grow into success habits, create a weekly or daily regimen that is simple to follow.Once you have produced your brand-new routines move on to the next success habits that you want to create.Prior to you consciously understanding it you will have developed a whole brand-new life complete of success filled practices.(Please note I also suggest searching the internet for further helpful material on things like, why manifesting love always with a life of purpose and passion gets you the life you want.)To happiness and success in your life!

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